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Guest Poet Corrine Anderson


Morning waves of rolling snow
Create a quilt of gentle silk
To bury flaws and prideful souls
Below a layered shroud of white.
When breaths of wind briefly arise
Cradled stars depress and fly
As the ebb and flow of sealess tides.

Footprints entumbed as waning moons
Compose a tune of come-and-go
Leading the brave to a soon beating grave
Where combersome eyes will sorely find
A delicate snow-angel
Sinking in repose
Surrendering to time.

Sleeping in a frozen dream
A tepid haven holds her close
As wings lay melting in the light
of a beautiful sun-halo
Opening streams of golden rapture;
Ready to embrace
This cherub's thawing face
In a winter evaporation.

February, 2002

Corrine Anderson's questions:

How can I improve this?

What is good about it?

What is wrong with it?

I could use some constructive criticism.

Thanks for your time.

I am a 21 year old college student with a passion for writing, though it is not my area of study. I usually write for my own benefit, but would like to improve. I have never taken a creative writing class, so I don't really know what I am doing, but know how I feel. If I could recieve some guidance, or feedback, I would really appreciate it.

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