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Now that you've added your lines to these 20 collaborations, sharpen your pencils and dust off that iPad and add your line to this poem-in-progress.

Please read the title and first line from this poem the message of crazy horse by Lucille Clifton, and then follow your intuition. The subsequent lines have been written and added by APW guests. Once you have read through to the end of the poem, add your own line.

If the most recently added line ends with a period, please begin your line with a capital letter. If no period appears at the end of the most recently added line, you may add your line and end it with either a period, a question mark, or no punctuation at all.

Please add only one brief line. When you have added your line, hit the BACK button on your browser TWICE, and then click RELOAD or REFRESH on your browser to view the line you have just added.

the message of crazy horse

i would sit in the center of the world,

close together with you around that fire
Ken Rasmussen
USA - Wed May 12 03:19:52 2010
of an eight-hour work day.
Joshua Gray
USA - Sat Jul 17 13:13:33 2010
Come home and break bread
USA - Thu Aug 12 18:24:53 2010
until the cobalt rays of dawn peek over Sutter Hill.
Debbie R.
USA - Thu Aug 19 15:24:35 2010

Our ghosts collide with wondering boys' feet treading in mist
USA - Sat Nov 6 19:33:32 2010
the boundary stones we held in life.
USA - Fri Dec 10 19:50:16 2010
I am a work in progress that the gods will bless
USA - Thu Dec 23 19:27:41 2010
and in you I must confess
USA - Sun Jan 23 11:00:10 2011
I touched your lips but I didn't inhale.
USA - Tue Jan 25 22:30:38 2011
The sweet aroma of love, for I was afraid
USA - Wed Jan 26 17:40:10 2011
to let you have control over my heart and soul.
USA - Fri Jan 28 20:56:28 2011

Scorched by the fire, swept up
USA - Sat Mar 12 05:55:42 2011
and whirled, sparks filled my firefly gaze.
USA - Thu Mar 31 07:59:45 2011
Is it with you I will grow old and have love fill all my days?
USA - Fri Apr 15 09:43:13 2011
Or is with another yet unknown to me in this time or place?
Kait Skyler
USA - Fri Apr 29 22:40:08 2011
Or will all be obliterated again, like you promised
V Calvez
USA - Mon May 2 23:46:19 2011
your fortuitous words lay upon the ground, a cover for history's sticky sweet stain of truth nestled between slumbering apocalyptic giants.
Syyd Raven
USA - Thu Jun 2 16:20:14 2011

Who dreamed of when they were small
Anton Dex
Wales - Wed Jun 15 15:36:25 2011
and able to feel the universe unfolding inside themselves.
USA - Tue Aug 16 23:34:33 2011
I pluck an ember from your hair
USA - Tue Nov 1 04:52:31 2011
and remember the last time you shed light
\UK - Mon Nov 7 02:21:41 2011
on what was once deepest shadow
Hanna from blogspot dot com (Rhi)
Canada - Tue Feb 21 18:40:55 2012
midnight ravens in flight
New Zealand - Thu Apr 19 14:08:43 2012
velvet eclipse of the moon
USA - Sat Apr 21 04:31:15 2012
Can love once betrayed be reborn?
USA - Tue May 8 16:41:26 2012
from the book of my heart the page is torn
Ruth is found on Twitter as @TheLyricalBear
Australia - Mon Jun 4 02:30:01 2012
for writer's, you see, are ungainly in sorrow.
USA - Sun Jan 20 10:30:09 2013
I would like to eat with you again.
USA - Wed Jul 10 11:51:20 2013
Pick at the fingerfoods of eternity, as we sip from the moondust of dreamy hearts and manifest as majestic butterflies born from the fertile womb of irony.
USA - Wed Aug 21 14:46:30 2013
I felt the urge to stay, but the angels requested my presence.
USA - Thu Nov 7 19:59:27 2013
Who was I to deny the summons of fateful wings, channeling my destiny?
India - Mon Jan 27 22:43:30 2014
I would sit, but the world beckons
USA - Mon Mar 3 11:16:20 2014
the sun in my eyes is not what's making me cry
Julie C
USA - Mon Apr 14 10:21:57 2014
But in your lap,I want to lie
INDIA - Wed Apr 16 20:42:19 2014
in the shadow of the Black Hills, my home.
USA - Fri Jun 27 18:38:12 2014
a crazy horse roams free
joanne franks
canada - Tue Mar 3 13:52:46 2015
Free and alive I scream there on the mountain top revealing that loneliness is freedom with aftertaste in a speedy world, with speed it vanishes and creates my self
Germany - Sun Feb 5 16:44:44 2017
a cobalt dawn, afraid to inhale, whirled in a firefly gaze.
USA - Wed Jan 8 13:37:33 2020
as soldiers of the mist rise up in the bloody haze
Kate McCay
USA - Sun Jan 31 13:09:17 2021
of victory, and in the rising
judy g.
USA - Sat Mar 27 19:23:44 2021
Equus is your child and your future
USA - Tue May 11 04:33:01 2021
USA - Sat Dec 18 13:23:50 2021

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