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Completed 10 March 1998

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A Journey

When he got up that morning everything was different:

the killer had lost his holy visions
Marc Fairbairn
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Thu Oct 30 05:44:51 1997
and blood burned crosses were his eyes.
ca USA - Fri Nov 7 16:19:34 1997
As he awoke and felt the scorch of the rising sun,
Des Moines, IA USA - Fri Nov 7 20:12:01 1997
his tortured mind lamented on the things he had done.
Karen D.Long
Joplin, Mo USA - Sat Nov 8 21:06:03 1997
Alas, he knew not why,
Martha Lynn
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sun Nov 9 14:41:30 1997
why, oh why, did he do what he had done?
Cheryl Lowther
Columbus, NE USA - Mon Nov 10 14:46:34 1997

He opened his suitcase and packed his
USA - Thu Nov 13 12:56:48 1997
Proust and a pair of clean socks -- on account of the weather.
San Diego, CA USA - Wed Nov 19 17:46:09 1997
She had never closed her eyes, his betrayal smeared across her face,
Catherine W Bourn
Napier, New Zealand - Fri Nov 21 01:56:45 1997
reflecting in the dull carnival-mirror agony of his.
Scotty Wimpress
Austin, TX USA - Tue Nov 25 10:24:39 1997
And in this, the most glorious instant of his being, he realized that this woman, who, by his hand, was no more, was now more than he ever would be.
D. Sadres
South Mountain, PA USA - Mon Dec 1 14:38:58 1997
Waken, waken, chemical elements, or favoritism, which came first or last or best in these depths of
Karen Bertelli
Sharon, Pa. USA - Mon Dec 8 18:40:21 1997
Prose, prose, PROSE! Is lyricism dead ????
Jose M. Alonso-Sed
San Diego, SCA USA - Wed Dec 10 22:43:09 1997

The blathering of fools, an epidemic
Paul Cassidy
Everett, WA USA - Fri Dec 12 08:31:11 1997
painted stilts stumbling towards forgotten clouds.
rodney decroo
vancouver, bc canada - Thu Dec 18 01:35:52 1997
As did his thoughts rush towards the sky, for in the morning his reflection would leave him wondering why?
Jessica Smothers
phili, tn USA - Mon Jan 5 14:37:40 1998
When doubt is a infatuation leaving your exsistance a consideration.
Jessica Smothers
phili, tn USA - Mon Jan 5 15:07:10 1998
Tiss is was thought, and even nearly said. A fragment of one's mind, is not deep within his head
Jessica Smothers
phili, tn USA - Mon Jan 5 15:31:27 1998
but a spot in his crippled stomach where his aggrevation played
USA - Thu Jan 15 19:11:20 1998
the deepest desire of your inner emotion reaches into boundries that in which is not known to the true self.
Kingston, tn USA - Thu Jan 22 18:19:29 1998

Beaten down and bloody he is still possesed by his internal journey.
brenda smolik
renton, wa USA - Fri Jan 23 13:26:09 1998
His heated thoughts obscure the stars while beaded sweat leaves glistening scars.
Kevin Perrott
Edmonton, AB Canada - Sat Jan 24 09:58:01 1998
Awake, aware, the unconscious flares had subsided; Only human anger unacted upon. Okay, alone, unjailed, he
Marge Dukes
Gillette, NJ USA - Tue Feb 3 08:43:23 1998
Could it be that he had been born into a mediocre world, destined for obscurity?
Misti Velvet Rainwater
USA - Thu Feb 5 17:55:13 1998
Breaking the tortured silence she answered his thoughts: "no"
USA - Sun Feb 8 12:54:14 1998
He saw his salvation in her laconic eyes
USA - Sun Feb 8 13:03:43 1998
As in his head he heard her spirit's cries.
USA - Sun Feb 8 13:14:31 1998
Pleading prayers of supplication
Julie Jennings
Tacoma, Wa USA - Wed Feb 11 21:50:54 1998
Sending daggers into his heart, filled with the remorse of triumph, he
Raina Leon
Phila, PA USA - Fri Feb 13 16:36:07 1998
took his bag and climbed out the window into silent darkness.
USA - Sat Feb 14 22:04:21 1998

A tortured soul like fabled Judas, he saw her eyes in every stride and sorely cried "Is that you Jesus ?"
Dublin, Ireland - Tue Feb 17 07:00:04 1998
Having no response, he continued his journey of tortured dreams.
H. Barrett
Camden, SC USA - Fri Feb 20 05:41:10 1998
Where will he hide in the foggy night, the torment of day?
Cheri Litwinovich
Placerville, CA USA - Fri Feb 20 21:25:36 1998
When all things---stars, wind, and bloated moon---are alive and full of malice.
Eric Hayward
NY USA - Sat Feb 21 02:39:16 1998
Malice, what have we done, and but yet a day's journey has only begun.
Huntsville, Al. USA - Sun Feb 22 09:41:15 1998
He cried out to the blackness that had swallowed him whole, Fleeing the shadows who hastened him here, Beckoning from his own hell by design, Deafened by silence, blinded by tears
illusive dreams...
Omaha, Ne USA - Mon Feb 23 11:53:55 1998
The diary of his obituary was chisled in CyberStone and cast out naked for all to heed!
Cork Quasne
Placerville, CA USA - Mon Feb 23 22:20:35 1998
And suddenly, with a soft swish, the horrors
Lafayette, IN USA - Mon Mar 2 20:21:34 1998
he layed there, contemplating his next move, opening his eyes, at first to what he surely thought must have been his imagination running wild....
George Perlinger
Houston, Tx USA - Mon Mar 2 22:00:40 1998
... when suddenly he realized it was something more, the soft lamentations of a weeping child.
Daniel Phelps
san francisco, Ca USA - Mon Mar 2 22:31:10 1998

Heart-child, Child of his heart, staring at him with those faraway eyes
Alice Wickham
London, England - Wed Mar 4 13:15:18 1998
From a desolate place that never weeps.
virgilio p. olandria
Cebu, Philippines - Thu Mar 5 00:46:02 1998
Though weeping surely would open doors of stone, closed in childhood.
Leona Reber
Lincoln, Ca USA - Thu Mar 5 17:15:23 1998
And inscribed in the raven's flesh was a sage's bellowing: "Seek and ye shalt know."
Benjamin Slie
Scottsbluff, NE USA - Fri Mar 6 15:58:18 1998
He gasped in regret when he learned that
cherronda neals
ft.worth, tx USA - Sun Mar 8 11:24:18 1998
this inward journey had taken him to the core.
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, ITALY - Tue Mar 10 09:53:51 1998