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Completed 20 August 1998

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Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

removed from human laws that twist our souls trying to keep them
Cheri Amey
El Dorado Hills, CA USA - Tue Jun 2 22:42:14 1998
sweet as taffy, biting as breaths of laughter in autumn's chill,
PA USA - Wed Jun 3 18:05:19 1998
our minds condense, and our spirits are saved.
Jenni Landowski
Sturgeon Bay, WI USA - Thu Jun 4 13:00:50 1998
Or are they; once the moral haze settles back
Esther Mann
Canby, Ca USA - Thu Jun 4 16:00:16 1998
and the din from our minds racing thoughts has quieted to a dull roar.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Thu Jun 4 18:35:36 1998

Thoughts can never be quiet; love enters the picture and away do cares soar.
katrina wargin
Baltimore, md USA - Fri Jun 5 12:16:59 1998
Then comes the betryal and revengeful ideas that corrupt the mind,
richmond, va USA - Fri Jun 5 21:55:22 1998
come roaring through, pushing out those blissful days,
Dawsonville, Ga USA - Mon Jun 8 18:38:13 1998
blissful, yet sumptuous, the call of the wild
Gold Coast, Qld Australia - Mon Jun 8 20:57:28 1998
which strains to flatulate its gruesome fumes of caustically and terribly sarcastically salacious remembrance.
Claude Franklin
Winston-Salem, NC USA - Tue Jun 9 18:29:10 1998

Look deeper, remember there is peace, bliss in the souls of the wild
Liz Y. Nelson-Swick
Santa Clause, IN USA - Wed Jun 10 22:45:29 1998
for you have been chosen in this time, the rememberer, the bearer of love's chalice into the void.
Dona Olinger
USA - Fri Jun 12 04:51:40 1998
Ignite the wick of adventure that must burn deep within
and remember to forgive that bitter thought, that hateful deed
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sat Jun 13 14:27:27 1998
which fills you like a wind.
PA USA - Sat Jun 13 18:21:08 1998

Unable to pretend or to deceive; dare you take the risk?
Lilian Tai
Kuala Lumpur, 14 Malaysia - Wed Jun 17 05:40:46 1998
Reel after familiar reel, yet still you sweat at each dramatic break
Joe Householder
Houston, Tx USA - Sat Jun 20 22:03:45 1998
and still you sit and ponder these questions that run through your mind;
Dawsonville , Ga USA - Sun Jun 21 17:39:30 1998
your questions go unanswered, for your mind is but a carcass
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sun Jun 21 20:36:28 1998
as the ceiling lowers and presses thoughts
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Tue Jun 23 09:17:19 1998
down into your soul going deeper and deeper.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Tue Jun 23 17:24:19 1998

One explosive gasp before the final crush
rev. Dorothy-Yorke Alloawy, Ph. D.
state college, Pa USA - Mon Jun 29 14:14:12 1998
and the thoughts are ground into ghostly dust
USA - Mon Jun 29 18:40:47 1998
which you ever belonged but you pretend to deny,
Bijja Rathnashikamani
Kalpakkam, Chennai, TN INDIA - Sat Jul 4 03:09:12 1998
as a billowing haze of hush begs your solace from the sky
PA USA - Tue Jul 7 10:32:28 1998
and soulful longings fill the void inside like a burning flame.
Trenton, NJ USA - Tue Jul 7 19:14:12 1998

You retreat deeper and further into that void until
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Tue Jul 7 19:33:37 1998
you are filled with questions again.
PA USA - Wed Jul 8 16:56:05 1998
A real person, you can only be you --
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Thu Jul 9 16:47:39 1998
a monolithic figure sculpted in a dank corner of your own imagination,
USA - Sun Jul 12 15:52:22 1998
and you are real and love is only a meatghost feasting in the body-diner.
Vallejo, CA USA - Fri Jul 17 11:11:10 1998
Or could it be love is the true light, the center of our soul,
Liz Swick
Santa Claus, IN USA - Tue Jul 21 12:18:49 1998
the grain of sand between our toes--
ppa USA - Sun Jul 26 13:00:40 1998
the only reason we exist
berkeley, ca USA - Sun Aug 2 12:04:34 1998
is to be, to lust, to go on living in a world where hope,
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sun Aug 2 16:24:57 1998
chaos, and anarchy rule
Rick Scarberry
USA - Tue Aug 4 17:28:31 1998
like some mad king
Mary Gonzalez
West New York, NJ USA - Sat Aug 8 06:26:43 1998
until you cannot think
Mary Gonzalez
West New York, NJ USA - Sat Aug 8 06:29:19 1998

I was once a child!
Ashley Flanagan
Topeka, ks USA - Sun Aug 9 09:42:27 1998
But the child is still somewhere inside, curled and resting and waiting to strike.
Kelley Wilson
Berrien Springs, MI USA - Mon Aug 10 12:43:42 1998
Ah, but we know not, maybe the child has grown wise with age, not to return to old ways but
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Tue Aug 11 17:17:58 1998
looks beyond, to quiet sunsets
Rick Scarberry
USA - Sat Aug 15 07:24:25 1998
and witnesses order clarifying a secret desire to perceive excellence
Bernie Smith
New Hampton, NH USA - Sun Aug 16 06:15:24 1998
in a drop of rain or, perhaps, the poetry of doing the unexpected.
jason berrong
riverside, ca USA - Tue Aug 18 11:44:24 1998
Maybe the child longs for an open meadow and the peaceful whisper of a summer breeze through the pines.
USA - Thu Aug 20 18:43:06 1998
What is it you want, child?
Jo'burg, South Africa - Fri Aug 21 08:03:18 1998