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Completed 2 June 1998

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Another Spring

White birds over the gray river,

effortlessly gliding thru mid air
Sheila Ferguson
Winter Haven, Fl USA - Mon Apr 6 16:20:40 1998
so free so easy so dead on impact.
Chattanooga, TN USA - Mon Apr 6 19:10:11 1998
And on the bare boughs that quiver
Virgilio P. Olandria
Phil - Mon Apr 6 22:50:16 1998
to the dying touch of winter
Jose E. Calamba
USA - Mon Apr 6 23:18:14 1998
prepare for their glorious resurrection
Sheri McCall
Springfield, MO USA - Tue Apr 7 21:43:20 1998
through the newbirth of spring.
Craig Calame
Arlington, TX USA - Wed Apr 8 20:39:22 1998

The wind swings memories of past seasons
Paula Grenside
ODERZO, ITALY - Thu Apr 9 11:16:35 1998
rushing through the leaves, returning life,
Sheila Ferguson
Winter Haven, Fl USA - Thu Apr 9 20:24:48 1998
a one last snow fall so fluffy and light,
Pat Poirier
Halifax, NS Canada - Fri Apr 10 06:14:23 1998
raucous rivers drowning out the blasphemy of winter.
Dave Fisher
Montreal, Quebec CANADA - Fri Apr 10 06:15:49 1998
This long-awaited spring has touched my heart with the song of a bird and a breeze so light.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Fri Apr 10 19:19:57 1998
We must remove the fumes and dust when spring turns gray.
paul belz
oakland, ca USA - Sat Apr 11 10:33:42 1998
We listen to the swishing river and swim in watery waves
Paula Grenside
Firenze, Italy - Sun Apr 12 08:07:37 1998
Ashen winter bodies thrashing spring-like `neath the birds
PA USA - Sun Apr 12 12:38:50 1998
and out of the old dirt climbs green and more.
SF, CA USA - Sun Apr 12 14:21:46 1998
The maple sapling breaks the frost
david miller
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Sun Apr 12 19:42:54 1998
and begins a journey of two centuries to light,
Iain Giles
Northampton, England - Mon Apr 13 03:23:07 1998
to live, to grow this Maple stands proud, small right now with hopes to become
Dawsonville, Ga USA - Mon Apr 13 14:47:02 1998
like the pheonix that rises out of the ashes
Mary Gonzalez
West New York, Nj USA - Mon Apr 13 20:22:57 1998
into a new exotic paradisial Bird of Paradise
Mary Gonzalez
WNY, NJ USA - Mon Apr 13 20:46:14 1998
whose death on impact is less capricious.
PA USA - Tue Apr 14 10:49:00 1998

Even though the snow hides much, out escapes a budding flower
Eve M. Black
hillsboro, OR USA - Thu Apr 16 07:43:49 1998
that refreshes the sleeping soul of Winter
Mary Gonzalez
WNY, NJ USA - Thu Apr 16 17:25:10 1998
and refreshes the dawn with a gentle April rain.
Mary gonzalez
WNY, NJ USA - Thu Apr 16 17:28:53 1998
The melting snow trickles down the mountainside refreshing the earth of spring
Craig Calame
Arlington, TX USA - Fri Apr 17 21:28:10 1998
which slips off mist and wears her morning light
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Sat Apr 18 06:01:56 1998
like a ring of promise that they will sleep again
PA USA - Sat Apr 18 09:35:35 1998
and that seeping slept - dream no more ..
SF, CA USA - Sat Apr 18 12:48:50 1998

Arise, awake, the soaring flight
Martha Lynn
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sun Apr 19 18:26:35 1998
Glorious indeed, singing a song along long gone paths.
Jack Deets
Columbia, MO USA - Sun Apr 19 20:25:57 1998
The dawning of this new Spring
Diana T.
UK - Mon Apr 20 10:02:15 1998
which drums heartbeats in airy strings to pull the sun and melt the snow
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Mon Apr 20 10:15:35 1998
now fast becoming nourishment for the harvest.
Laurie Greenleaf
Oakland, CA USA - Tue Apr 21 01:04:01 1998

An appetizer hinting at a larger feast
Ayler, PQ Canada - Tue Apr 21 06:46:57 1998
as May brought forth a millennium of flowers,
SF, CA USA - Wed Apr 22 11:29:02 1998
and kaleidoscope of beasts
PA USA - Wed Apr 22 14:38:04 1998
substances of a courage to come
jose e. calamba
USA - Wed Apr 22 16:52:41 1998
USA - Wed Apr 22 19:08:37 1998
again, bitten and again reborn, painting the birth of rejuvination.
great falls, va USA - Sat Apr 25 08:24:59 1998
A jaunt up along a winding path, into the woods, at morns first light, can only bring
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sat Apr 25 18:58:37 1998
cool flickers of sun kisses
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Sat Apr 25 23:02:10 1998
and what more? Upon the new grasses woven
SF, CA USA - Sun Apr 26 09:42:35 1998
in a tapestry of golden silk
Mary Gonzalez
West New York, NJ USA - Sun Apr 26 19:27:16 1998
that taunts the bitter winter.
Mary Gonzalez
West New York, NJ USA - Tue Apr 28 18:47:32 1998

A violin, the wind bow drawn slowly and sweetly across the green strings of a bough
USA - Thu Apr 30 20:32:59 1998
with tender leaves caressing air skin
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Thu Apr 30 23:28:49 1998
taking its first breath in a world yet untouched by beauty,
Jessie Pennington
Tulsa, OK USA - Fri May 1 20:32:43 1998
but beauty there lies in all seasons, no matter, to each his own is what I cry.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sat May 2 18:57:59 1998
Sweet tears melt in flowing river drops
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Sat May 2 22:57:41 1998
that wash the mind in Spring! Printemps! Primavera! Ah!
SF, CA USA - Sun May 3 15:57:10 1998
Tears of dew on flowers just undone
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Wed May 6 10:21:04 1998
as were the murdered snows and ices
SF, Ca USA - Wed May 6 10:41:57 1998
and words–worthless over twisting earth grinding the axis; the tomb of Frost.
TN USA - Thu May 7 21:11:30 1998

No more can this cold frost of winter stall a spring
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sun May 10 18:06:18 1998
around again to the rebirth of life, around again to another Spring
Elmer Ker
Singapore, n/a Republic Of Singapore - Thu May 14 00:54:44 1998
which will make up all meadows' lips
Paula Grenside
Oderzo, Italy - Sat May 16 06:11:48 1998
where boys wave boughs as baseball begins.
Portland, OR - Sun May 17 00:09:46 1998

When the first watery sun kissed the winter branches green
Sydney, NSW Australia - Sun May 17 04:21:47 1998
laughter echoes in these hills tuned warm, children weary of a cold and dreary winter lose themselves,
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Wed May 20 18:29:17 1998
and spring melts away frozem memories of winter. Earth wears her green cloak
Ruben Fernando.
USA - Tue May 26 14:54:19 1998
to birdbaths pretty little robins are attracted, they flutter happily, enjoying their soak.
katrina w.
baltimore, md USA - Wed May 27 11:33:34 1998
Beautiful songs of returning birds, the chitterings of hummingbirds fill the air as they move northward on their Spring return.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Wed May 27 16:32:32 1998

A bird, a song, a heart unbroken, lilting voices fill the sky
El Dorado Hills, CA USA - Thu May 28 10:48:04 1998
a tender smile, a word unspoken, a tear fills your eye,
C.Lawry Brown
Rockland, ME USA - Thu May 28 19:24:15 1998
as time marches on, it waits for no one , be glad you are you and you are living this day to see another spring come and go once more.
Dawsonville, Ga. USA - Sat May 30 18:02:01 1998