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Completed 28 February 2000

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Magic Words

In the very earliest time,

the great lights fell to the earth in waves crackling against the endless night,
abq, nm USA - Sat Nov 27 12:41:53 1999
and I was flying on the tail of the last dying star and couldn't care less for
damir hlakik
london, gb - Mon Nov 29 15:14:06 1999
angry gods who had hurled us from
charlotte, nc USA - Wed Dec 1 13:05:20 1999
the hubris of their divine egos.
Renee Maxwell
Tampa, FL USA - Wed Dec 1 13:12:27 1999
And then let the fathers pull daisies
Ian Wilson
Santa Monica, CA USA - Thu Dec 2 11:50:29 1999
from an incensed world beset with pain.
Jack Random
Escanaba, MI USA - Fri Dec 3 12:56:32 1999

That I will grab up with delight and
IA USA - Sun Dec 5 05:29:17 1999
throw it back to the Creator,
Barb Lundeen
Redding , CA USA - Tue Dec 7 13:23:47 1999
asking why must we always desire what
Kim Steelman
Livermore, CA USA - Thu Dec 9 08:35:34 1999
for so long we haven't chosen to forsake?
Carol Gossard
Bremerton, Wa. USA - Wed Dec 15 15:51:23 1999
And as my pain screeched across the heavens,
Adrianna Locke
Wisconsin USA - Wed Dec 15 17:27:26 1999
I waited to hear the whisper -- of magic words.
Arjun Purkayastha
Mumbai, India - Fri Dec 17 00:58:31 1999
But, as in life, whispers are meant for the few
Robert Fulwood
Rockhampton, Australia - Sun Dec 19 18:38:33 1999
who have not heard
sulphur, la USA - Sun Dec 19 20:32:07 1999
God's voice within their own deep well,
M. Winograd
LA, Ca USA - Sat Dec 25 20:53:21 1999
and many of us did not know who our creator was.
pam drapala
yuma, AZ USA - Sun Dec 26 20:18:58 1999
He took the glory and power from them as he stood tall and said I am your leader, your heart and soul and I love and charish you for I am the Almighty.
Hillary McGoodwin age 11
Lexington, KY USA - Sun Jan 2 12:11:32 2000

Frightened, I pressed my face to the earth and felt the hum of
Rachael Morgan
USA - Wed Jan 5 13:46:20 2000
my heartbeat under the sand at his feet. My soul longed to see his face that was just light, my eyes failed
Rathnashikamani Bijja
Kalpakkam, TN India - Sat Jan 8 02:21:46 2000
me and I wept. Then, once more, I was hurled through the heavens, soaring ever higher and faster until
K.Leigh Brown
Mobile, Al USA - Sun Jan 9 12:51:33 2000
forever had come to me, listless...upon light spent me--to the newest reams of lighted beings whispering in the weight of time.
R. Mounts
IN USA - Sun Jan 9 21:32:57 2000
"He is here, my Darling, inside this thimble"
freshwater, ca USA - Sat Jan 15 21:47:53 2000
and I gazed within, speechless, at the beauty and the wonder that had accompanied me all along.
San Antonio, TX USA - Wed Jan 19 23:23:35 2000

For I was in the well alone, illuminated, and enlightened. But I was not
Janet Jordan
springfield, mo USA - Sun Jan 23 04:13:57 2000
blinded by my enlightenment. A divinity of unknown assurance
n. young
brooklyn, n.y USA - Wed Jan 26 21:41:13 2000
clarified by its ill will
USA - Wed Jan 26 21:55:16 2000
swept across my newly enlightened soul. I was purged by a realization of
Ileana Weinstein
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Sat Jan 29 15:49:21 2000
love as love is for we are.
new phila., oh USA - Thu Feb 3 17:34:18 2000

Water is a many splendored thing, it
dean johnpaul
USA - Fri Feb 4 05:41:23 2000
can be heard, dancing on oil drum cans
Cynthia Peck
USA - Sun Feb 6 20:28:29 2000
to the heartbeat sounds of seal skin drums our old friend with arms open wide touched the northern lights and put that sparkle in each of our eyes so we would always know who we are, where our heart is, and who our people are.
Cork Quasne
Placerville, CA USA - Sun Feb 6 23:25:52 2000
The sounds of our people who once were
phoenix, az USA - Sat Feb 12 22:13:26 2000
magic words, the shaman's dance of power, holiness and
barbados - Sat Feb 12 23:15:58 2000
understood by the priviledged few
Renee M. Blake-Smith
Beckley, WV USA - Mon Feb 14 09:54:46 2000
who never withheld the supreme gift.
Cape Town, SA - Wed Feb 16 06:19:51 2000

Yet the horizen appears to shift and fall, revealing
MA USA - Sun Feb 20 17:37:56 2000
the shadows of those who came before
Susan Legault
Surrey, BC Canada - Thu Feb 24 22:49:07 2000
I was there
Diana Mumme
Somers, Vv Australia - Fri Feb 25 01:31:05 2000
and a Gnostic carburetor spewed noxious fumes from my chest
USA - Fri Feb 25 11:47:23 2000
but this land belongs to no-one, and to everyone, and the wind belongs to no land.
Ed Bear
Vancouver, BC Canada - Mon Feb 28 08:39:52 2000