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An Online Poetry Workshop to Ignite Your Imagination

Workshop day and meeting time to fit your busy schedule

You are invited to enroll in a complete online poetry writing workshop.

I offer this class as a private instructor, separately from APW and Barnes & Noble University, using the enjoyable and challenging writing exercises I've developed during my 21 years of teaching poetry in The Albany Poetry Workshop.

This long-distance learning adventure is for all ages and all levels of experience. All you need to participate is the desire to make better poems and a willingness to study the craft of poetry.

In this class, you have the opportunity to:

The six-week class includes reading and writing assignments, a real-time discussion board, and weekly online live critiques of your poems.

Schedule a Day and Meeting Time Convenient for You!

I offer these workshops on an ongoing basis, serving three time zones:

Please contact me with the day and time (your local time) that you wish to meet, and I will accommodate you as best as I can. My schedule is flexible to meet yours.

If you wish to meet one-to-one, most likely we will be able to meet at the time of your choice.

If we are meeting with two or more in your time zone, I will coordinate, via email, the best time possible for us all to meet.

I am located in Northern California in the Pacific Standard Time zone. To determine how your time corresponds with my local time, click this useful time chart and type in the words "San Francisco." The chart will reveal the current time in Pacific Standard Time. Then look at your wall clock to determine our time difference.

If there is no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in money.

–– Robert Graves

Fee Arrangements

Class size is limited to six or seven to ensure that you receive ample feedback on your poems from the other participants and individual attention from me.

Individual Workshop: $420

Groups of two or more: $310

Fees must be paid prior to start of class.

Workshops begin when you are ready.

Workshop Procedure

Here is the basic class procedure:

For further information about the class and our procedure, please look at this sample Class Syllabus and Class Procedure.

Since we use basic computer tools and Internet resources, you may participate in this class using either a PC or Mac. I am familiar with both to assist you in getting started. I will provide you with a one-to-one orientation prior to our first meeting to get you set up with the chat room, discussion board, and to answer any of your questions.

You will need to download and install a chat room software program on your computer in order to participate in this workshop.

We use a popular chat interface.

To see how other people have benefitted from and enjoyed this workshop, please read these evaluations written by several former participants. Find out what others say about Updraft Poetry Workshop.

Please send me a note if you are interested, and I will respond with further details and answer your questions.


Scott Reid: apwpoet (at) gmail (dot) com

June, 2010 - 2015