Updraft Candle

Updraft Class Procedure

Discussion Board

Posting Poems to the Discussion Board:

Critiquing Poems Posted on the Discussion Board:

Live Critiques (Chat Room)


Prior to our meeting, you may wish to print a hard copy of each poem.

During the critique, keep two windows open (the poem on the board, and the live chat room window) so you can switch between a view of the poem and our discussion of it. (To switch between these windows, use "Alt + Tab").

You may also wish to have your wordprocessor running in the background. You may write your comments out beforehand and then cut and paste them into the discussion window.

I will guide the discussion by moving the focus to various aspects of the work under consideration.

Depending on the number of participants, each author will receive about 15 minutes of discussion of their work.

For Authors:

For those giving critiques:

With all of the above in mind, have fun!