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Old Glory

Daretha Daugherty

Tribute to our Flag

red-for blood given for our country
blood of those who gave their lives
in hopes of saving others
the life blood of our country, our courage

white- for peace
for which we all hope and pray
not only for our nation, but the world
the legacy of our forefathers
the stature of our people

blue-for honor of our nation
for those whose bravery and courage
make them heroes of the day
the backbone of our country

stars- for the light
for those whose light has gone
but will shine on in our hearts
for those whose light will guide us
the lights of hope
the heart of our nation

stripes- for our soldiers
for those innocents who become fallen soldiers
for those who must lose their innocence to become soldiers
for those who are everyday soldiers
the strength of our people

October, 2001