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Featured Guest Poet Sarabeth Reinker

Art of the Impossible

Unruly fashion
pushing over Sainthood
radiantly woman
gold face
brilliant lifestyle
you are an artform
you curiously blush
step with insurance
glistening, Perfect life
courageous night,
a little Sun burn
could be good for You

August, 2001

Sarabeth Reinker's Questions:

1)Does the choppiness of the poem make it seem awkward, or does it work?

2)How do you interpret it? What comes to your mind when you read it?

3)Does it need to be longer?

I don't think there is any problem with the choppiness. It communicates to me that the woman is made up of pieces like a mannikin, so I think it works. My interpretation of the poem is that it's about how women are slaves to fashion that makes them seem larger than life, but at the same time not too human. I don't think it needs to be longer. Thing I'm not sure I understand: 1) the use of capitalization in certain places--"Perfect," "Sun," "You." Is it a religious reference? and 2) the reference to "insurance" or "insurance glistening" if those are to go together. Overall, I like the way it sounds and what it says.
Bonnie Widerman
USA - Mon Aug 20 09:35:34 2001

You did a wonderful job interpreting the poem. In fact, it's like you can read my mind. The capitalized words are a referrence to religion and how it becomes a marktable product, just like women. There is a breath between glistening and perfect. Thank you for commenting on the poem.
Sarabeth (Author)
USA - Thu Aug 30 02:54:44 2001

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