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Old Glory

Sandy Kutzli

The Humble Rescuer

Called to serve their people in need
They prepared for the battle ahead
Horrendous hours numbed their emotions
Days grew in numbers, as well as the dead

They cannot yield, images weaken them
Searching, hoping, strong
The innocent lost, the dreams untold
The journey ahead much to long

It is not a duty, but a lifestyle, they say
How do they know this, I ask
Risking their lives for the lives of others
Fearing nothing when called to the task

Their weary bodies fight through the search
We pray for them, we pray for all
They stumble and plead for threads of life
Through rubble and ash where towers stood tall

Though hope lives on and faith is strong
A closure must come for rest
Tomorrows are brighter, our nation is stronger
Because America gave her best

October, 2001