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These poems and the discussion comments were posted in resonse to the "Poem for the End of the Century" and the "Improbable Tales" exercises.

Current poems and critiques appear in the Forums Page.

Poems for the End of the Century

The Desertion by Christine Howry-Crockett

The Written Page by Mark Clement

On the Threshold by Barbara Ehrentreu

New Enigmas by Esther Mann

Dear Son by Ginger Murchison

Millennium by Sheila Ferguson

Baptism by Sandra Beasley

At the End of the Century by Maggie Morley

A Poem for the End of the Century by D. McAnuff-Gauntlett

Eclipses by Trina Baker

Abecedary by Scott Reid

Please see the Poem for the End of the Century writing assignment.

New Forum: May 1997

Improbable Tales

The Moor-lands Witch by Cheryl Higgins

Jenny-Lyn by Sheila Ferguson

Fire & Ice by D. McAnuff-Gauntlett

Elvis by Josh Hevesy

Gator Boy by D. Lee Kratz

Please see the Improbable Tales writing exercise.